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Packing is the most fundamental step towards a hassle free interstate removals. You can engage our expert packers who’ll take charge of your belongings and pack them carefully in our study moving boxes with appropriate padding to ensure the absolute minimal risk of damage during transit. Odd-size items are no sweat as we can offer customized boxes to accommodate them as well.

Full Service Removals

Don’t want to lift a finger throughout your whole interstate removals process?
We can provide a full service interstate removals to include all of the packing, transport and unpacking including setting up your new home as well. So all you’ll need to do is is walk out of your old home and walk into your new home. Simple!

Our professional pre-packing service will ensure all your precious items are packaged correctly and ready for your move. We can pack just your most delicate items or your entire home. Please contact our office if you require a quotation on pre-packing. Our quotation includes all materials required to safely and correctly pack your belongings, such as double ply removal cartons, clean butchers paper, bubble wrap and tape.

On completion of your removal, our staff will gladly assist you in setting up your new home. Again we can do as little as just the kitchen or a few boxes to your entire home. Please contact our office for a quotation on unpacking.